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The touch of reflexology communicates caring and comfort and is always sensitive to each patient’s medical status and tolerance. Reflexology stimulates the circulation, improving the nerve and blood supply to areas of the body which is congested. Reflexology can do no harm, it only helps bring the body back into a state of balance by giving the body back its resources through improved circulation. This means providing sufficient nutrients to parts of the body. It is just like improving the soil quality with nutrients so that the plant may thrive.

•  Constipation
•   Pains and aches
•   Infertility
•   Fatigue
•   Hair loss
•   Nausea/vomiting 
•   Diarrhea 
•   Loss of appetite
•   Skin reactions
•   Sore/dry mouth

Reflexology can be combined with other therapies and is appropriate for patients at any stage of cancer, including end stage disease. It is not appropriate for patients who have deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) of the lower and upper extremities,thrombocytopenia (low platelets), or bruising, rashes, severe edema or wounds of the ankles or feet.

Katherine Wickstrom

Gael Brock is a Certified Reflexologist and has been doing reflexology for almost 25 years. During a treatment, she follows her intuition, listening to your body, touching upon different areas of the feet to release any congestion. Most of her clients become so relaxed, that they fall asleep during treatment. One client said “I feel like I just had a body massage.” It not only feels good, but it is good for you! While she holds your feet, she holds your entire body in her hands! Gael would love to have the privilege of working with you.

Offering sessions Friday mornings at 2625 N Craycroft Rd. Ste. 215
To schedule an appointment, please call 520-400-7556

Gael Brock 
East Resource Center

Note: Practitioners and program leaders are independent contractors

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